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  • In this training you will learn how trading works
  • ​In this training you will learn the different types of markets to trade
  • In this training you will learn you very own style of trading
  • ​In this training you will learn what type of trader you want to be
  • In this training you will learn how professional traders choose their trades
  • ​In this training you will learn the biggest mistakes that inexperienced traders make
  • ​In this training you will learn the rules I use for successful trading

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I am showing you a system that will allow you to trade... 

Safety is the key here... and I want you to start trading in a safe, regulated, and secure way...

In this course, I want you to learn the basics and actually try out trading for REAL!

I have been trading for many years. It's not easy at first, and when I did my training, no one actually taught me how to get set up!

I am going show you exactly that, how to get set up at zero risk to your capital!

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I have been a professional trader for over ten years

I've learnt from the some of the best traders in the world!

I have learnt the safest and the most profitable ways to trade! 

 and I only trade for 20 minutes a day!...

Yes that's right.. only 20 minutes max..

I check the news, I check the charts, then I buy or sell.. then I get on with my day..

are you ready?

I want to make sure you are ready to improve your skills which will only help

with your long term WEALTH...

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plus limited access to Sandrock Trading Academy's Foundation Course!

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Included in the FREE Training

  • ​How Trading Works
  • ​Different types of markets to trade
  • ​Look at your style of trading
  • ​What type of trader do you want to be
  • ​How does a professional trader choose trades
  • ​The biggest mistakes that inexperienced traders make
  • ​Rules to successful trading

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Get limited access to the Foundation Trading Course

 5 Forex Trading Strategies that actually work

Here I show you my five favourite forex trading strategies

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 My 7 Secrets to Profitable Trading e-book

Here I reveal my 7 secrets to profitable trading which have allowed me to grow my account to over 7 figures

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 Crypto Revolution e-book

In my Crypto Revolution e-book I show you everything you need to know about getting set up with crypto, where to buy, how to store, how to protect yourself and much much more

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 Exclusive access to future trading social events

We have a long term future planned at Sandrock, and lots of exciting events and trading sessions are available. Being a member will grant you exclusive access

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 A place in my Facebook Community 


 Trading Foundation Course

In this course I give you all of the tools in order for you to get set up as a Trader. Once you are enrolled on the course there are a series of videos that you can watch at your own leisure.

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