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Thank You!

A big warm welcome from me, and the team at Sandrock Capital Ltd.

It really is amazing to have you here and I do hope you continue your trading journey with us for a very long time...

We will send you updates on our exciting new courses and events coming up so keep your eye out.. 

As you have trusted me, I am going to give you one more thing for FREE!

a FREE 20 trading consultation with me personally...

Just click on the link below and book your space

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Thank you for joining Sandrock Trading Academy

We have so many exciting plans for you!

The steps below talk you through what to do next. 

Step One:

You will receive an email saying 'You're enrolled on a course' There will be a link below which says 'View the Course' 
Click on this link and that will take you through to the membership area.

Step Two:

In the membership area, you will see an image and the course you have purchased.
Please click on the images and you will be able to view the videos. 

Step Three:

Its up to you  in which order you choose to watch the videos, but I would recommend you watch them in sequence. The course has been designed in this way.

You have access to the course for 6 months, so watch the videos and enjoy getting set up, and most of all enjoy learning to trade.

Once you have finished the course,  please enquire about the next stage of your Trading Journey.

We have many courses available and I can't wait to share them with you.

You will also receive emails with news updates and trade alerts, so keep your eyes peeled for more offers and documents.  

Step Four

Subscribe, Follow, Connect and Join our groups here.  

Thank you once again,


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